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by Pastor's Corner on December 14th, 2013

The Bible reminds us that “we are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices lest he gain an advantage over us.”(2 Cor. 2:11)  In other words, we all must be clear that the strategy of the enemy is to simply to lure each one of us into a position of disadvantage.  Whatever it is that the enemy can use he will use.  His desire is that the result is always the same – that you would end up on the bottom unable to find freedom from the bondage in your life.  Let me remind you that it was never the Father’s will that any of us live our lives under the influence and power of the enemy. We were not created to live life at a disadvantage.  God’s will has not changed.  His plan for us is that we “would live our lives abundantly.” (John 10:10)  This literally implies that God wants each of us to experience life to the full. This means that we were created to live life from the position of dominion.  Man was created to be in charge as a result of the mandate to represent God’s presence in the earth.  However, man will never be able to experience this reality apart from God.  Every human being has a desire to live life in this way because he or she was created with this in mind.  It is God’s norm rather than His exception.  The reason many are failing to experience the fulfillment of God’s original plan for their lives is simply the fact that they have no solution for their struggle with their sin nature.  In the event you are not aware of what his means or what it looks like, it refers to the struggle that all of us have to do what is right while doing what is wrong is easy.  In spite of this struggle I believe that each one of us knows we want to do what is right if not for ourselves, then for our families and our futures.  Does this make sense for you?  Are you dealing with something in your life right now that has you living your life at a disadvantage?  If this is true for you, I encourage you to seek the Lord, Jesus Christ, for in Him alone is the answer to finding both peace and victory.  If you are not a part of a local church, I encourage you to find a place where you can grow spiritually. Even more important is your need for spiritual covering.  Everyone needs to be covered.  You are welcome to vision us here at RRTEC or even write back and share your heart.  In the mean time, you are in our prayers.

God Bless You,

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