The Power of Teamwork
by Pastor's Corner on September 5th, 2014

Is it possible that we underestimate the value and worth of our relationships?  I encourage you to take a moment and meditate on the value you place on your relationships.  God places a high premium on relationships.  This is understood in light of His great love for us.  He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins that our relationship with Him might be restored. It remains His will that every man, woman, boy and girl have a relationship with Him through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.  If we are to experience growth, victory, and fulfillment it will only be accomplished in the context of relationships. The Father, Himself, declared that “it is not good for man (mankind) to be alone.” This is a very serious spiritual principle and must be recognized and respected by the church if it is to fulfill its mission and vision.
Everything we do in life is done in the context of relationship.  The Bible confirms this truth that two are always better than one.  The inference speaks to the reality that everyone at some point in their lives will experience the need for help.  If one is alone it is safe to conclude that this will be a challenging time since there is no one to assist them in their time of need.  However, if there are two, the one who is alongside of their friend, family member, etc. can provide the much-needed support.  It takes two to confirm any matter according to Scripture.  When it comes to spiritual authority, we are reminded that “one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight.” We must take note of the multiplied power that comes as a result of two or more believers standing together.  In reality, God has simply wanted a team!
The first thing that Jesus did in His ministry was to recruit a team.  He called His team members disciples with the mandate to follow Him.  It was His responsibility to impart to each of them the vision and anointing of the mission He was called to fulfill.  In reality, they were also called because part of that vision would be fulfilled by them.  Teamwork is not a simple thing to accomplish.  The enemy realizes the power of unity and is committed to causing division in any and every context where a team is required.  I remind you that the Father’s will that we have teams is very practical.  A marriage is a team.  A family is a team.  We often work in the context of teams.  Literally most of what we do is done as a team.
For you as leaders here at RRTEC you must grasp this concept and realize that you must have a team.  No leader is called to operate alone.  The team will strengthen you and put you in a position to accomplish so much more that you could not accomplish alone.  My prayer is that we, as leaders, would embrace the discipleship principle and pursue our teams realizing that the success of our ministry is tied to the team concept.  May God give each of you the right team members and may you and your team always acknowledge the Lord as your Coach.
In His Service,

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