Jesus Calls More Than One

​Matt. 4:18-19 “And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. (19) Then He said to them, Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  It is no surprise that Jesus called both brothers. In fact, Jesus called a number of additional disciples because the task at hand would require more than one man could accomplish. This really is a reflection of the ways of God. Even if He calls an individual, what that individual is to accomplish will most likely require help from others. Jesus was called to birth the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth and to become a sacrifice for our sins.  However, this task could not have been accomplished without the help of those who chose to follow Him.
The Father knew that even though Jesus was unquietly qualified for the task at hand, the work would still have to be shared.  Jesus did not fall into the trap of thinking that He could do everything Himself. It is early in His ministry that we witness Him calling men to follow Him.  Even today Jesus continues to call men. He calls teams, families, and churches to first come together and then to work together for a cause that represents the heart of God. Often times the call of God upon an individual or a group will outlast the life of the one called. This is important for every leader to know because it demands that the leader impart the vision into others. This is necessary so that the vision will continue past the life of the one called. This must be the priority of every leader. Jesus demonstrated this by spending the majority of His time with the disciples. One must never get too excited about multitudes because multitudes will never be able to receive vision in the way that confirms its continuation and ultimately its fulfillment.
As a church, there are two lessons that every one of us must learn and then practice. First, each one of us must become mature to the place where we realize that it is not prudent for us to attempt to do “the work of the ministry” alone. Like the disciples, we must learn that success is achieved quicker as a result of our working together. It is apparent that the disciples had their challenges and we can safely assume that we will also have our challenges as well. However, there came a point in time when all of the disciples realized that team work was required to fulfill the vision. This is true for us as well and we prayerfully anticipate that point of revelation by every member. Kingdom work will require everyone to be in his or her place because each one is valuable and our collective witness will always speak louder than any individual effort.
The second lesson that must be learned will always test the level of commitment of every member. From reading the Gospels, it does not appear that the disciples missed any of ministry lessons provided by Jesus. At the least, they were committed to His calling to the point that it became their own. They begin to understand the value of the opportunity afforded them. They were not just followers of Jesus, they were the ones He was investing in. They saw Jesus before the crowds as well as in His own quiet times. They witnessed His prayer life, observed His consistency in lifestyle, and were also amazed by His teachings and His wisdom. At some point, they begin to realize that the costs was heavy and the price would require all. They not only realized this as it related to Jesus, but begin to discern that it also would apply to them. This brought them closer together because each of them had to confess that the work was too big for each of them alone.
Let us pray as a church that we will also come to the point where we realize that this work will also require all of us. Let us commit that the absence of one in the body always means that the body is not whole. As a result, let us work together to trust that one day the entire body will move as one and that this will become our norm. In the same way that we take all of our members with us as it relates to our physical body, may we work to see all of our members present when the spiritual body moves. May this be our prayer in the mighty name of Jesus!

​In His Service, 
Clarence V. Boyd, Jr. 
Senior Pastor

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