In order for every ministry to work to its fullest capacity, communication is extremely important. The "Communications" Ministries work with all other ministries to ensure that God's Word is being heard and God's Work is being accomplished.



The purpose of the Newsletter, “What’s Happening”, is to keep members abreast about current and future ministries events. This Newsletter will be presented to RRTEC members, to build up and to communicate with one another through visual manuscript. The Newsletter will be distributed quarterly; January, and April.


Spiritual Covering: Deacon JaMeece Brisco
Coordinator: Tammee Wrenn
Assistant: Peyton McClellan
Committee Members: Sharon Mitchell, Ashley Winn
Meeting date and time: Ongoing via e-mail and telephone

The last Saturday of each quarterly Newsletter (for printing)



In support of the vision of RRTEC to raise a Spirit led people who know and obey the voice of God and to deliver God’s salvation, healing and deliverance to North Tulsa. The Media Ministry believes it is very important for the CD to be of quality so that what is recorded may be effective in bringing God’s salvation, healing and deliverance to his people. And we recognize that our service is as unto the Lord.


Coordinator: Jordan James
Ministerial Covering: Deacon James Brisco
Members: Jordan James, Taylor Pratt
Meeting: 2nd Sunday of each month

Note: Actively in search for committee members



Young people, the very demographic that churches are trying to attract, are more likely to use the Internet to find information than they have in past years. If this trend continues and young people decide more and more to use the Internet exclusively to find a new church home, a church that did not list itself on the Internet would practically cease to exist. RRTEC Website/Multimedia ministry strives to inform, minister, and educate a 21st century people hungry for Christ!

Coordinator: Michael Boyd
Ministerial Covering: Elder Christian Dorsey
Members: Michael Boyd, Jimmy Frank, Vernon Boyd
Meeting: Continually via email and Skype

Note: Actively searching for new committee members