Deacon Dr. Marcia Livingston, affectionately called Trish, has been a member of the ministry since 2005. She is a teacher and mentor, and currently serves as leader of the Prayer and Intercessory Ministry at RRTEC which she does with excellence and passion. The goal of the Intercessory Ministry is to nurture and build an army of mature believers, by creating ongoing biblical training and practice opportunities so that each member at RRTEC models Christ as a believer in prayer so that when there is a corporate gathering an atmosphere is cultivated where the miracles, signs and wonders of God will flow and overflow into local and global communities.


JaMeece L. Brisco has been a member of RRTEC since February 1996. She is married to James Brisco and they serve together as Deacons on the Ministerial Staff. They have raised three children. JaMeece is a teacher of the gospel and has a heart to encourage, and to inspire change and growth in others. She is the Spiritual Covering for several ministries, including Outreach, Jordan Plaza, Fellowship Events, Newsletter and Hospitality.


Deacon Rochelle D. Jackson, a very quiet, reflective, and quiet individual, is the Ministerial Staff covering for the Kitchen Committee, and Membership Committee.

The Kitchen committee is responsible for all events which require some type of food service. The Membership Committee keep record of the membership data including the address, phone, date of birth, date joined and email addresses. This committee also keeps records on births, deaths, baptisms, marriages, and any training required by the ministry.


Deacon James Brisco, a Man after God’s own heart, a man who tries to live his life above reproach. He is faithful to his wife, exercises self-control, lives wisely and has a good reputation. He also enjoys entertaining guests and teaching the Word.

He is the ministerial covering for Sound, Media Center and Ushers. All three are functional ministries, needed within the body for operate.

One of his philosophies is; “put your potential in a place for it to be exposed”. He believes that if a person believes or thinks they have a gift/talent and it is not yet seen or developed, they should put that gift/talent in a place where it can be exposed. Deacon Brisco said; “Potential is that which is not yet revealed but has the capability of becoming, it lies deep within a person uncovered until it is exposed.”


Deacon Donna Martin has been a member of RRTEC for over 19 years. She joined the Ministerial Staff in 1993 and serves as the spiritual covering for three functional ministries: Communion, Altar, and Drama.

The Communion Ministry is responsible for preparing the provisions of the sacrament, (bread and wine), for service on the first Sunday of each month. We do this in remembrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Altar Ministry is available to assist during the time of ministry to individual needs. The Drama Ministry incorporates the art of drama by illustrating the word of God through practical depictions, with the ultimate goal of winning souls for Christ.


Deacon Natisha Arbertha, was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a proud wife and mother of 6. Throughout her years within the RRTEC ministry, Natisha has used her gifts as a pantomime dancer, sharing exhortations, and now given the honor of being a part of the Ministerial Staff, serving as a Deaconess.

Natisha enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. Her favorite scripture is Psalm 62-8 "Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us."